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Please Read Before Using

We’ve been asked on a number of occasions for a “Track Day Section”, so here it is.

Couple of obvious things to state:

SV650.ORG takes no responsibility or liability should you hurt yourself or damage your bike at any event discussed on this forum.

Riding motorcycles is potentially dangerous, riding on a track in a controlled environment may be safer, but you can still get hurt and still write off your bike, you have been warned….

Any events discussed in this section are not organised by SV650.ORG. These posts are here so that users let each other know of particular events and possibly can get together.

If you have never done a track day before, you may want to consider doing one of the “track schools” or going with somebody more experienced to help you through the first session.

When you start a new thread, please give the track and date of the event; if you want it put in the calendar, drop PM to one of the Mods of this section (Jelster & Fizzwheel). Please put photo’s etc in the photo section (that’s why we have it).

That’s about it, you asked for this section so plese use it. Have fun.

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