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John T
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Trade Advertising

After a great deal of discussion it has been agreed with the Mods and I that Trade Ads will no longer be allowed on the forums.

From January 2011 onwards, all Trade Ads will be hosted on the Main site only, in the Services and Offers area. Any Traders who want to place an Ad should drop an email to to conduct terms.

However..... Traders are free to configure their forum sig files to contain a logo, a link or both to their own sites. No permission needed from the Mods or myself. To stop sig files becoming full page ads, we've limited them to 6 lines. Mods will remove any posts that are explicit advertisements.

I've done this to help the mods manage posts and to keep spammers at bay, as best we can. The genuine traders who have an interest in the SV650 will be allowed access, to benefit them, and also benefit the readership, whether they offer discounts or donate cash to this site.

Hope this makes sense and you understand where I'm coming from. Any questions drop me a line.


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