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South & West Surfers Just for the guys and gals in the south and south west of the UK.

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Hello from Portsmouth!
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Posting rideout plans

When posting rideout plans ensure you put a date and rough area on the planned rideout thread so we can follow the threads more easily. The dates very important. 'Ride tonight' soon becomes yesterday.

Its confusing if we have just loads saying 'Ride out' or 'Meet'.

A good idea also is after the rideout or event change the heading to say something like '' or '' which then draws peoples attention to it after the ride.

Major rideout plans and events will be made sticky when a date and place is posted and then unsticky after the event.

Smaller rides and events won't be made sticky unless they reach critical mass. But PM us if you have a concern here. We hope you will appreciate its best to keep the number of stickies to a minimum.

When suggesting ideas for a rideout or meet, the threads tend to get very long. Once a definite plan has materialised, put up a separate thread. We will then make that thread sticky and 'unsticky' the planning thread.

Best wishes
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