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Trev B 13-06-18 08:38 PM

The mighty SV
Got back from the TT on Monday night and the bike never missed a beat,had it 5 years now and am beginning to think that pound for pound itís the best bike Iíve ever it,and insurance due next week got the reminder on the door step on return and quoted £164,ring them up,added the blue flame exhaust to policy and asked if they could get a better price....2 minutes later £91 for the same cover with leathers and helmet,robbing barstewards but I took it straight away

Bibio 13-06-18 08:54 PM

Re: The mighty SV
yes the SV in all its forms is a cracking real world bike. one of the biggest gripes is the seat, why can suzuki get it right.

garynortheast 13-06-18 09:29 PM

Re: The mighty SV
Everybody's back side is different Bibs. I really don't find the seat uncomfortable. I've done a 500 mile day on it before and I was still ok at the end.

But yes, just a cracking bike, the best I've ever had in 45 years of motorcycling.

dirtydog 14-06-18 06:10 AM

Re: The mighty SV
On my curvy I have had a standard seat, genuine Suzuki gel seat and also a Corbin seat.
I did something like 1300 miles in a weekend on itbwith the standard seat and had no aches or issues at all. The gel seat is ok as well, I don't find the Corbin seat comfy at all though so that will be going up for sale shortly.
So as Gary says everyones butt is different so thevseat is always going to be a bit of a compromise

Talking Heads 14-06-18 06:45 AM

Re: The mighty SV
Only ever ridden the AL7 model of SV and I find the standard seat comfortable enough for all day riding.
If I wanted a big comfy armchair I'd get a Goldwing.

Craig380 14-06-18 06:53 AM

Re: The mighty SV

Originally Posted by Trev B (Post 3087129)
Got back from the TT on Monday night

It must've been brilliant, you couldn't have wished for better weather.
Incredible lap record from Pete Hickman, having seen the on-board footage of a Senior lap last year, I've no idea how these guys do it. They really are a breed apart.

yokohama 14-06-18 07:24 AM

Re: The mighty SV
Agreed it's a brilliant bike but the comfort issue and the (for me) cramped leg position meant I had to let mine go.

SV650rules 14-06-18 03:06 PM

Re: The mighty SV
I looked at getting a striple before I got AL7, I was persuaded by slimness of the SV and the fact I could get a brand new bike with Euro 4 and ABS for less than 6 grand. I had already fallen in love with the exhaust sound as well.

Don't find SV seat too uncomfortable but then again I rarely spend more than a couple of hours in it without a stop to stretch my legs.

dirtydog 14-06-18 03:15 PM

Re: The mighty SV

Originally Posted by Seeker (Post 3087151)

As to my opinion of the SV? I've had 3, I leave for greener grasses but keep coming back (SV650S to Honda 919 to SV650S to Street Triple to AL7). I think I like them :D

Ditto except I've had 5 svs

Curvy to curvy to Daytona 955 to curvy with another curvy at the same time to benelli tornado to curvy and a Kawasaki Kdx in there at some point as well

Craigg 15-06-18 09:57 AM

Re: The mighty SV
I keep thinking about selling up to try something different... but have my SV all "complete" for me.... i know ill regret selling it...

fancy trying an older fireblade or GSXR to scratch the sportbike itch i have. then there is that Ducati itch... and the list goes on :(

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