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Stig 17-01-06 10:24 PM

Sleeping under the stars or sleeping in a real bed????
OK so I guess we also need to sort out accomodation. So another poll. :wink:

YES I know we do not have a venue yet. It's coming real soon so hang in there and wait for it. :wink:

If you need accomodation please state the type of accomodation that you will want. Please vote on the poll carefully as we will need numbers to be more or less correct so that the we can organize properly and make sure that enough space / rooms are found to accomodate everyone.

Closer to the date we will look into the poll results and source accomodation accordingly.

If there is not an option in the poll that suits you, then please send me a pm and I will add your option.

IF you are still undecided if you can make AR06 then please don't vote

The poll will be open ended so there is no rush to get your option picked. When it comes to the time that we need all the undecided to pick an option so that we can organize accomodation I will notify here.

Quiff Wichard 17-01-06 10:39 PM

crikey thought - everyones camping...!!

then I saw only I had cast a vote.!

Stig 17-01-06 10:43 PM

I've just voted also :lol: So now everyone IS camping. :lol:

Quiff Wichard 17-01-06 10:55 PM

I cant drink a 4 pack meself !!

haggis 17-01-06 11:11 PM

Well I'm glad I've pitched up early, looks like the campsite is packing out!

timwilky 17-01-06 11:40 PM

camping. No way. Like my creature comforts. Warm bed, hot shower in the morning. Breaky, warm comfortable dump and away.

nice to have a warm room to come back to assumming it will be peeing down as per normal in tropical britain.

So hotel close to wherever the aleing is being done to stagger back. But not close enough to be kept up all night by drunken bikers. Unless of course the drunken biker is a she and feeling extreamly amour...... lets not go there I need another shower this time cold

Tara 18-01-06 07:18 AM

Def camping again

mysteryjimbo 18-01-06 07:59 AM


Originally Posted by Tara
Def camping again

Same here. Might let the missus out if shes good.... :lol:

jonboy 18-01-06 09:25 AM

Now if someone's decided to camp just on the Friday night, do they know that the rideout is actually on the Sunday? :lol:

I'll be there, hopefully with Mrs jonboy and for both Friday and Saturday nights.

I would of course join BigApe in the (now) traditional hair-dying festival but due to technical problems will be unable to do so :lol: .


Moo 18-01-06 11:15 AM

Camping although I will be getting an early night so I can get up early in the morning to go for a five mile run. :lol:

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