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kaivalagi 18-11-14 08:03 PM

Pin Your Location!
In an attempt to aid member location and for a bit of fun the following zeemaps page has been setup:

To add your location it is best done using a general area rather than your post code to avoid advertising where your bike is stored! I entered "Norwich" rather than my street/post code for example.

The basic steps to add yourself on the map are:
  1. Click 'Additions' on the tool bar and select 'Add Marker - Simple' or 'Add Marker - Detailed', your choice
  2. Enter your forum user name/nickname (and your real first name as well would be good e.g. Kaivalagi aka Mark)
  3. A rough location...
  4. Click the submit button
  5. Make sure you save the URL from the popup after submitting so you have the ability to edit your pinned location later on.
This sort of thing has been used elsewhere in this forum and others to good effect in the past, hopefully it'll be of some use here too.

Mods: If you would like admin access PM me an email addy and I can add you in

Luckypants 19-11-14 10:27 AM

Re: Pin Your Location!
Added myself.

Sir Trev 19-11-14 12:28 PM

Re: Pin Your Location!
Me too

The Guru 19-11-14 01:02 PM

Re: Pin Your Location!
Done. 1st for the Ecosse section.

andrewsmith 19-11-14 01:47 PM

Re: Pin Your Location!
First up North

rutterc85 19-11-14 02:11 PM

Re: Pin Your Location!
Done :)

SV_archie99 19-11-14 07:37 PM

Re: Pin Your Location!
Did mine last night

chris8886 19-11-14 08:17 PM

Re: Pin Your Location!
I'm there now.

Wideboy 19-11-14 09:14 PM

Re: Pin Your Location!

punyXpress 19-11-14 09:23 PM

Re: Pin Your Location!
Can the Pennine Massive one be resurrected?

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