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JonSV 13-01-16 08:07 PM

Trackday Paddock Stands
Evening all.

This is a "which paddock stand" question, but I don't want the usual Abba answers! I need a pair for Trackday use, so sturdy but not an Abba as I have one and it takes too long each time.

They are for the blade which doesn't have rear bobbin mounts, so it needs to be cups. Honda also decided to make each side of the swingarm a different height so the rear ideally needs to be adjustable height, but I could pack out one cup if they are fixed. The bobbins that fit through the spindle are no good as you can't change the wheel using them.

I'm thinking headstock front would be best for stability and easy wheel changes.

So any recommendations (or for sale?) that fit the bill and aren't too wobbly?


Bunkle 14-01-16 07:59 PM

Re: Trackday Paddock Stands
Evening Jon,
I use a Harris rear paddock stand but it's the bobbin type, for the front I bought a headstock stand made by Blacks for around 35.
I think this is the company that sold them.....

I might have an Oxford rear stand with cups in the garage, I'll try and remember to have a look tomorrow mate.

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