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rictus01 02-07-07 12:46 PM

Magic moment.
OK lets have your "Magic Moments" from the weekend.

I'll get the ball rolling then, for me on a personal level,

Verna's smile when I first arrived at the camp site, who needs sunshine with that around :smt058

Saeed finally doing what I'm supposing his Dad must have stopped him doing as a kid with the lighter fluid and a BBQ ;) ( Ahh Flames, Good)

Anna using every fibre of her being to draw all the warmth from the gas heater and the look of shear joy it brought.

And my personnel fav, my own special :smt059 who heard my thoughs and produced a ho****er bottle in my time of need :smt060

apart from that having some great chats with just about everyone :=D>

Your go now.

stewie 02-07-07 12:50 PM

Re: Magic moment.
For me, being a newbie, what will stick in my mind was just the sheer friendliness of everyone all weekend and being made to feel very welcome, it was a blast, cheers everyone :thumright:

Jar 02-07-07 12:53 PM

Re: Magic moment.
I have a few too.

Firstly it was when I arrived at the campsite. Being a forum newbie I was a little anxious about how everyone would be towards me etc. I think i had had 6 people introduce themselves to me and 2 offers of help putting up the tent in the first 10 minutes!!! That was magic.

At morrisons on the rideout. I haven't been in a rideout of this size before and hearing 50 bikes mostly twins revving up to prepare to leave was amazing!

Finally the grin on Bear's face as I saluted him on the way past him on the rideout when he was stopped as a marker :D How I wish I had a bullet cam!

Quiff Wichard 02-07-07 12:58 PM

Re: Magic moment.
its close
but pipping it

is the grinch /bear naked chase ala Benny Hill ..


Sid mending Dizzy's bike, me lending Jester some gloves, Rossi giving me some batteries, Billy giving Ben a tent, Verna organising a collection, Sid mending Dans puncture, Dizzy getting tablets for Plowsie, El saxo buyin me a brew, Stewie not wanting cash back for petrol provided to many folk, Cazza giving free massages(just to sid) (OFTEN) , everyone concerned for Rictus' wellbeing,

Showing the camaradre and human understanding that one person can have for another - ironically on a weekend when other humans on this planet were driving cars into airports and blowing up vans in the Capital our group of strangers became friends, in a wet field, in Yorkshire .

all of the above not neccesarily in "one moment" but one Momentous weekend.

I cant sum up one moment ... I was quiet (for me) saturday night- so I sat and listened- to many varied conversations.. inmany regional accents. all mingling and talking on varied topics whilst the rain pelted down..

but if you pushed me- for one moment ... I would have to say it wasnt a moment it was a sound.... for me one sound summed up the whole weekend.


Luckypants 02-07-07 01:09 PM

Re: Magic moment.
Magic moment was at 3 am, lying in my tent trying to decide if I can hold it till morning, when three blokes climbed over the wall out of the cow field next door and **** themselves when they heard Tim Wilky snoring. Quote of the weekend

'There's a (f-word) dog growling down there!"


Skip 02-07-07 01:16 PM

Re: Magic moment.
Magic Moments? Hmm...

Bear for offering me somewhere to stay so I had some company for the ride 'oop North...

KrazyKim for taking ALL my luggage from Newport Pagnell up to the campsite - thank you so much, it made the rest of the ride much more enjoyable! :D

Jamaxx and Sayeed for a sterling job cooking in the monsoon rain as I slowly became a sponge whilst "brolly dolly-ing"! :lol:

Being asked to be a marker for the ride-out - I really appreciated the thought as an almost total stranger to everyone regarding ability...

So many other "moments" I could add but the main thing has to be that the whole weekend left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside and so glad I made the effort to go - as far as motorcycling weekends go - the AR ROCKS! :D

SoulKiss 02-07-07 01:34 PM

Re: Magic moment.
M1, Junction 29, Sid Squid's comments about me getting over my problems with riding in the rain, Jesters surprise (and disapointment I believe :P) at having to throw the "Captain Slow" and "James May" name badges he had for me away :P

Actually I am not going to go into any more of these, basically the whole weekend was one big magic moment, I mean 50 people in a field, most of them strangers to one and other and I didnt hear a single raised voice.

As already said elsewhere, the whole feeling and mood of the event was just brilliant, so thank you all for that.

Baph 02-07-07 01:43 PM

Re: Magic moment.
Melody turning up at the campsite after leaving the B&B to go get bread for us all.

I personally know what she'd been through after following her around the rideout route, and there were a few of us that were genuinely worried about her taking what we thought was too long.

A big special thanks to whoever it was that jumped in their car to go look for her (Mrs Mousetrapper I believe) as most people were too drunk to go out on the road. :thumbsup:

EDIT: Oh yea, and Richie "trying" to find his tent on Saturday night. Lets not forget Timwilky almost falling over backwards fast asleep, mid conversation.

_Stretchie_ 02-07-07 02:43 PM

Re: Magic moment.

Originally Posted by Baph (Post 1226948)
Lets not forget Timwilky almost falling over backwards fast asleep, mid conversation.

That was pure class...

As above too many to mention I just keep getting flash backs as I try and type about something else...
Bear thanks for the surprise kisses.. EVEN THE TONGUE ones... And thanks for El Saxo saying he felt left out and getting one himself :smt098

So to sum it al up:

Great:rave: with LOADS of :drink:, you could feel the :smt049 as everyone was :smt046 together (and also at others:smt081). I didn't catch any :rant: more of :grouphug: instead. I however didn't make the :riding: , THANKFULLY there was NO :reaper: and I think everyone left as :winner:

Phew that was hard work

krazykim 02-07-07 02:58 PM

Re: Magic moment.
Planning the Great Grinch Escape and almost wetting myself when a huge roar of laughter came from the gazebos despite the torrential rain.

Watching poor Quiffy get collared by the Life Long Story bird on the Friday night and being too polite to find an excuse to ditch her! Laughing hysterically whilst he was mouthing the words 'Help Me' probably didn't help him...

The scenery

Joining in on the ride out in my car with Cazza, heating and Radio 1.

Meeting so many new faces.

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