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Bibio 29-11-14 04:20 PM

Smile of the day - What is yours?
so we have a gripe of the day but lets face it thats for grumpy people to vent their anger at the world so i thought that we would have a smile of the day, you know those things that cheer us up and make life worth living ;) :D

mine for today is watching the kids over the back jumping on their trampoline and crashing into each other laughing their little heads off while i done the dishes..

Brettus 29-11-14 04:24 PM

Smile of the day - what is yours?
Yay, the gripe a day thread was getting me down (especially seeing as it was THE most popular thread!) glad someone posted one of these :D

Mine for today was unboxing and trying my new Dyson DC58, (the ghostbuster looking handheld they make) wanted one since they announced them, kept looking but they only reduced the older ones to my price point but got a decent deal on a newer generation one in the sales yesterday and tried it out on the stairs, did the lot in no time at all, no lugging the large upright around, keeping the hose as short as possible for the turbo brush to work properly and such, bliss. Now I'm gonna indulge in a little gaming while we both recharge :D

Oh yeah, the other smile was making the most of the bandwidth while I was working this morning in updating my steam library:
Gonna get my game onnn :-) (sung in the style of Florida Georgia Line - Shine On)

Matt-EUC 29-11-14 05:05 PM

Smile of the day - what is yours?

That is all.

andrewsmith 29-11-14 05:17 PM

Re: Smile of the day - what is yours?

Littlepeahead 29-11-14 05:30 PM

Re: Smile of the day - what is yours?
Helping my 4 year old nephew earnestly write his letter to Father Christmas. He used his best handwriting, added lots of kisses and drew a picture of a dinosaur then asked me to post it.

Of course Father Christmas will reply as I've done one of these for him, they are brilliant, and my 5 donation helps a child too.

dizzyblonde 29-11-14 05:53 PM

Re: Smile of the day - what is yours?
This turned up in my FB feed yesterday. It made me laugh because when we were kids, this is actually what my grandmothers table used to look like after Xmas when she had a big house. Her birthday was on that day, and all the family used to squash in happily.
It also reminded me of the newly discovered long lost Greek family, who welcomed their cousin back to Cyprus last month. . . . . this is a USUAL family LUNCH!!!! We ate like this EVERY day!!! :smt101

Can't wait to go back in the new year :smt080

Red Herring 29-11-14 06:14 PM

Re: Smile of the day - what is yours?
Looking out of my front window to see 20+ sheep giving the lawn a bit of a trim. Rang the local farmer and told him not to rush, I'd been trying to decide if I should get the mower out one last time....!

BanannaMan 29-11-14 06:55 PM

Re: Smile of the day - what is yours?
Wales win over South Africa today!!!!
Well done!!!

Sir Trev 29-11-14 09:27 PM

Re: Smile of the day - what is yours?
Having the house to myself for a few hours.

No urgent chores or DIY to do this weekend, the monkey was at her Saturday job, Lady Poppy was Christmas shopping with her sister for the day plus I could not be bothered to get the bike out as the roads were soaking wet and slippery with leaves and diesel as I found when cycling into town to drop off my dry cleaning. So I made a nest from cushions and a duvet on the sofa and watched a few episodes of Fast'n'Loud off the planner without being disturbed for once, while drinking tea and making a fuss of the dog. Nice.

Now the house is full again and I've escaped upstairs to the study as the girls are watching I Used to be an Alleged Celebrity. I know Foggy is in it but I really don't want to spoil my nice day with the rest of the no-hopers.

garynortheast 29-11-14 09:53 PM

Re: Smile of the day - what is yours?
Playing music with my girls at the Whitchurch Christmas lights fair all day today. Never fails.

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