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Girth 29-06-08 04:39 PM

Who's Travelling Furthest?
So who's travelling from the far ends of the galaxy, or just ends of scotland, to get to AR?

I'm coming from Bolton which won't win any medals.

fizzwheel 29-06-08 04:55 PM

Re: Who's Travelling Furthest?
Northwind or Blueflame I would have thought.

Dan 29-06-08 07:53 PM

Re: Who's Travelling Furthest?
If I cheat and count all my 'vias' on the way, about 1000 miles for me ;)

Blue Flame 29-06-08 09:38 PM

Re: Who's Travelling Furthest?
Northy and I have about 450 miles to travel to get to the campsite so we may well be contenders for that coveted prize !!:p

on yer bike 29-06-08 10:00 PM

Re: Who's Travelling Furthest?
Isn't it that guy from south france heading up, not sure if thats further or not, but i think it could be...


Originally Posted by redbouy (Post 1552428)
Im sitting down in Corse at the mo, Hoping I can get a place for the boat to live on friday. and close to Nice airport. [finish this charter miday friday] Hoping I can find a place to sit on a plane and then book a car and then drive. Hope it doesnt rain, as its sleep on the ground with a beer.
I'll miss the ride but want to meet up with u all

rictus01 29-06-08 10:12 PM

Re: Who's Travelling Furthest?
the "mile muncher title" was won by Dizzy as it wasn't only distance but overcoming obsticles as well, for example Foxyinleathers, passed her test last week to come on her own bike, Carnivore delayed a hip OP to come, many more examples I'm sure.

Cheers Mark.

Blue Flame 29-06-08 10:25 PM

Re: Who's Travelling Furthest?
Ahh rite......... I thought this thread was who's travelling furthest as opposed to who overcame various obstacles to get there. The guy from France looks the winner at the mo.

On the other basis........ you won last year did you not??

rictus01 29-06-08 10:28 PM

Re: Who's Travelling Furthest?
organisers excluded last year, althouh the Local guys did get me a stubboness award :cool:.

Cheers Mark.

northwind 29-06-08 11:44 PM

Re: Who's Travelling Furthest?
For us it's just miles... Broken hips and spines aside :D Blueflame is north of me so he'll be the furthest, unless Redbuoy comes. I think Zunkus almost came from Malta last year :D

dizzyblonde 30-06-08 05:39 AM

Re: Who's Travelling Furthest?
The guy from South of France is called Redbouy

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