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phil24_7 15-03-09 09:50 PM

Track Day checklist.
I'm off to my first trackday and was after a list of what I need to take and what you would recommend I take.

I'm new to all this and don't wanna get there and find I need something I've forgotten or not thought about!!


plowsie 15-03-09 10:01 PM

Re: Track Day checklist.
Your bike.

Tim in Belgium 15-03-09 10:12 PM

Re: Track Day checklist.
Duck tape. Common spanners/allen keys for any problems that your bike has occasionally had in the past. Foot pump. Pressure guage. Bike. Leathers. Helmet. Gloves. Boots. Back protector. Ear plugs. Drinks. Bananas. Food. Driving licence. Tinted visor. Clear visor. Cash. Credit cards. Mobile phone. Shorts.

Depends a little if you're riding or towing/vanning the bike there, but I get the above in a back pack when I ride to a TD.

If possible taking some other clothes/warm jacket/flask/comfy chair etc if you have some form of other vehicle/support.

Also remember to have lots of fun and turn up with a fullish tank.


Edit I also take spare levers but have never needed them....

skeetly 15-03-09 10:12 PM

Re: Track Day checklist.
Heh. i shall be paying close attention to this thread; my first in April..:)
Reminders to bring your bike remind me of going fishing with me dad years ago to some far flung place and realising once we got there that I had forgotten me fishing rod..............

plowsie 15-03-09 10:13 PM

Re: Track Day checklist.
If your using tyre warmers, stands help too.

Tim in Belgium 15-03-09 10:14 PM

Re: Track Day checklist.
Tyre warmers may be a little OTT for a 1st TD ;)

plowsie 15-03-09 10:17 PM

Re: Track Day checklist.
Nonetheless, useful though mate ;)

Just that I thought it was a race bike he bought so thought he may have got them in the sale of the bike. Cant remember if it is a race bike though.

Jester666 15-03-09 10:24 PM

Re: Track Day checklist.
1. Be at the track half an hour before the briefing.

2. DO NOT FORGET YOUR LICENCE. No licence, no track time.

3. Make sure you bike is in good condition. ie tyres, chain, brakes.

4. Remember your wallet and fill the tank before entering the track.

5. Listen to the briefing. They do know what they're talking about.

6. Don't try and be a hero, there's always someone better and faster than you!

7. Relax and enjoy and..............

8. In the immortal words of Sir Sid Squid "Don't Crash!"

Balky001 15-03-09 10:34 PM

Re: Track Day checklist.
all good advice above especially the driving license!.

If you are driving and not riding the bike down take some fold up chairs, sitting on the floor/bike etc isn't comfy all day. Plenty of water and some snacks/fruit/sandwiches from petrol station on way is always useful in case they are just serving up expensive rubbish at the track. V2-spong to clean visor.

Make sure you give your chain a really good lubing (pref warm chain) before you go and make sure it's not too tight, well adjusted (unless you are taking warmers/paddock stands then lube it there). Check brake pads have plenty left on them (I usually do a brake fluid change before a track day if it has not been changed for a while) and oil is at the right level. Spare visor incase you only have dark and its is wet or you only have clear ans it is sunny! Spare underpants (optional)

Jester666 15-03-09 10:36 PM

Re: Track Day checklist.

Originally Posted by Balky001 (Post 1823453)
...Spare underpants (optional)

:lol: and remember to wear clean one in case you ignore item 8 on my list!! :lol:

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