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Graveyard8516 10-05-18 11:55 AM

Idle adjust cable
Hi, Iím having issues with my idle adjust, on start up it idles normally but when warm is up to 2000rpm. Does anyone know why and does anyone have a picture of the correct routing of the cable. I recently removed the carbs and am not 100% sure of the routing.

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Graveyard8516 10-05-18 12:42 PM

Re: Idle adjust cable

Originally Posted by Seeker (Post 3085495)
Not sure if this will help:

Back in 2009 someone asked for pics of cable routing (at front end), they're photobucket pics but my browser opened them (Chrome 66).

I haven't owned a curvy in a number of years but a couple of questions:
1) you said: on start up it idles "normally" - if it's on choke it should be fast idling, is yours?
2) when warm - if you turn the bars, does the idle speed change?
3) does the throttle stop (idle speed control) have any effect?

If the throttle cable is binding I would expect the rpm to change as you turn the bars, otherwise it could be the choke cable binding. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will chime in.

Thanks, something to look at later.

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R1ffR4ff 11-05-18 08:45 AM

Re: Idle adjust cable
When you had the Carbs off did you check the Float heights were in spec?

Have you checked for Carb seals/Air-leaks?Use a bit of Carb Brake cleaner or WD40 sprayed around them and if the engine speed changes you have introduced a leak.Check that the seals in the Air-box have seated correctly onto the carbs.

Although this is one of my old CX500 pages some of the information is relevant for all CV carbs,

Graveyard8516 11-05-18 03:58 PM

Re: Idle adjust cable
Thanks, will have a look this weekend. I have reduced the air hole size in the filter as I had cut it right out and that has improved it albeit not completely. When I desnorkled it I cut the plastic on the filter right out to the inner oval rather than remove the tube.

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R1ffR4ff 12-05-18 09:15 AM

Re: Idle adjust cable
Had a look at my old page and it reminded me.I don't know if the Float needle valves on the SV650 work the same way but..

Note:There is a small very tiny spring loaded plunger in on top of the Float Needle Valves.This must operate correctly.Press it down with your finger and make sure it moves up and down easily.You can free it up if seized with a bit of WD40 unless it's totally kaput.They come in the correct carb/float kits for your model.

It would be worth knowing if they are constructed the same?

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