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Seeker 08-06-18 11:09 AM

What's in a name?
Years ago, Harley Davidson made bikes with lots of letters in their model designation, one such was the XLCR. I have only just found out that it is actually pronounced as a word:


I always referred to it as the X L C R, I feel stupid. :smt037

SV650rules 08-06-18 12:59 PM

Re: What's in a name?
It stands for xtra large cr4p ride

It is a Harley D (from the Milwaukee Tractor Company).

Xcessivley lumpy costly retro

xtremely long cafe racer

Talking Heads 08-06-18 05:04 PM

Re: What's in a name?
The CR was for Cafe Racer if I recall correctly.
Should have been called the XLBS (Extra Large Bucket of Shyte)

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