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Tannoy964 23-04-17 08:44 AM

New member - Cafe Racer (ish) project.
Hi guys,
After 10 years away form road bikes I decided to embark on a Café Racer (ish) project. …Oh no!!! Not another one I here you cry….yes…sorry. In my defence I was toying with the idea many years ago, before it became all the rage. In short I bought the bike in 2015 as a full-faired version (top and bottom) in mint condition with about 12K on the clock. Then over the next 2 winters transformed it. I did it in 2 phases: 1st phase – rear end tidy up and suspension…followed by a track day or two:). 2nd phase (2016 winter) the final rear end overhaul and front end change.

Anyway: I just wanted to thank all of you for all your help! There are too many people to mention and to be honest I have not kept a great record of where I got what idea/advice….sorry! I do however, have quite a good record of what I changed, where I got to parts and some of the templates I made + loads of photos through the build if anyone’s interested?
Thanks again everyone….

maviczap 23-04-17 08:47 AM

Re: New member - Cafe Racer (ish) project.
Nice curvy

SheepShagger 23-04-17 08:53 AM

Re: New member - Cafe Racer (ish) project.
Nice, simple, and clean. No nonsense :)

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Tannoy964 23-04-17 09:07 AM

Re: New member - Cafe Racer (ish) project.
Thanks guys...I really wasn't expecting feedback that fast!

DuncanC 23-04-17 10:34 AM

Re: New member - Cafe Racer (ish) project.
Nice. I have to ask, where have you hidden the miles of spare wire around the headlight? I have taken the fairing off my curvy and I have wire everywhere.

Tannoy964 23-04-17 11:19 AM

Re: New member - Cafe Racer (ish) project.
Ah yes, good question, the dreaded wiring loom.
The simple answer is it's all carefully wrapped round and below the airbox in a kidney shape. Each side is doubled back and is secured to avoid the carb throttle linkages. The other trick was a Ebay bought front end wiring harness (no original parts were harmed in this build - most bits and pieces were from Ebay) which I modified to remove redundant cabling and then added to, creating a better fit. Finally after a quick trip to a local auto factors the main large black clock plug was removed and new (required) cables soldered on to lengthen the loom (using the same colours to avoid a mix up when connecting the clock/dash display).
If you want me to post anything specific about the build just ask, I'll upload any pics if I have or take new ones if needed.

Blapper 23-04-17 11:31 AM

Re: New member - Cafe Racer (ish) project.
Yep, worthwhile mods, not too OTT as to try to make the bike something it isn't and looks coool!

squirrel_hunter 23-04-17 05:16 PM

Re: New member - Cafe Racer (ish) project.
That looks very tidy, nicely executed.

I'm drawn to the radiator; is that standard and stripped of paint, or something else?

Tannoy964 23-04-17 05:43 PM

Re: New member - Cafe Racer (ish) project.
It's not the standard one, it's another ebay special (£45 delivered). The reason i didn't keep the standard one is that on the faired SV (MKI anyway) the fairing grommet mounts are welded to the sides and I wanted clean lines. I didn't want to hack them off as I'm keeping all the original a new one was needed. It very nearly fitted as well!!! but unfortunately the bottom mount was off so I made and adaptor plate. You really can tell unless you go looking. The cover frame was a made at work, the honeycomb mesh was supplied've guessed ebay! Oh and I moved the horn...looks better out of the way and can only help with cooling...not that it's ever been a problem.

Craig380 23-04-17 07:34 PM

Re: New member - Cafe Racer (ish) project.
Very tidy-looking machine! What exhaust is it? Neat job getting the angle of the can to match the tail.

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