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Admin2 07-06-05 08:34 PM

Annual Ride-out 2006 - Points for discussion
Okay okay I know we've only just finished the AR05 but I thought maybe some early thoughts and ideas would be in our best interests and rather than have umpteen polls about location and every little thing, it might be worth having an objective discussion at this early stage to try and work out where, why and how for next year to make it an even greater success than this one.

For a start, thanks to Jelster, Baldyman and also to Sid Squid, we know that the marker system works very well with the SV650 crowd (being generally sensible and well-behaved etc), is easy to implement and ensured that no-one gets lost or left behind. So unless anyone has any objections I think we'll keep that for next year too.

But what about destination? I know some peeps have mentioned Scotland and without doubt it's a gorgeous place but is it a reality for the big annual ride-out or more suited to those adventurous peeps who don't mind riding 400 miles in a day? This also applies to Cornwall and other far-flung reaches and I say this because I personally think that the main objective of the AR is to get together as many SV riders as possible in one group on one day, with the collective spirit of a mass of SVs etc giving it a special feeling, just like we had last Sunday.

Now in reality I reckon that there is a limit to how many miles the majority of peeps are prepared to ride and the map below probably represents the most effective geographical area for the AR if we're to carry on amassing SVs rather than go to a far off beautiful area off the country where the turnout will be significantly less. Naturally there will be a fair amount of argument over this :lol: but surely it has to be pretty close to the mark as the people from the far south don't want go to the far north and the people from the far north don't want to go to the far south - and let's not get started on the east to westers!

Another point to consider is the social side. As without doubt we are a particularly friendly lot and there have been a lot of comments about extending the social gathering so that we all have plenty of time to meet up and preferably have a drink or two, which will mean a definite two day event. Now this year I was persuaded to camp for the Saturday and I have to say it worked really well and there were quite a few us at the camp site all mucking in and making merry. Maybe this could be expanded upon for next year?

Length and pace of the ride? Now some thought it too far, some too fast ( :?: ). Maybe we could have a two stage ride with 60 miles of each and aimed at the more casual rider in one and the more focussed rider in the second (though I don't mean a balls-out scream-around!)?

Support vehicles? Well if partners aren't keen to ride pillion (which is understandable) then a support vehicle(s) would be really handy and allow non bike peeps to participate in a valued role should they wish. This year we had Mrs Ape (Jo) as unofficial support vehicle and it worked very nicely.

Various points like these if thought over might make next year an event not to be missed and one where the social factor is as important as the ride itself. Okay I'm done ranting, over to you guys and gals.


Stig 07-06-05 08:53 PM

I vote for Lincolnshire :lol: Having lived there in the past the roads are awesome.

More socialising, definitely.

Doing a split groups would mean more organising, so whoever is in the local area would have more to do than this year.

Where ever it is and what ever the circumstances I will be there, and so will Jo. :thumbsup:

I actually enjoyed the Saturday evening more than the rideout day it's self. Not to say that I didn't enjoy the rideout. Just thought that the socialising bit was better. :D :D

Quiff Wichard 07-06-05 08:58 PM

personally- I think if that red line is a proposed route for next year its a little too long !! :lol:

NO- serious...:
yep- it has to be within easy access but distance isnt a factor it is time ! hence M6 corridor- M5 .M1 etc...

deffo it needs to be a social gathering as well as a ride out- maybe even to the "detriment" of the rideout length !! it was quite far !!

or- there could be 2 over 2 days- one nice n social.and one like "speed skating" at the ice rink!!..a faster /harder ride...then one can choose - one or both !! ...

Could we pay a premium! to camp like- where we were was 4 a night - I would have paid 10 a night if we could have taken over the whole site !! so we could have been more "relaxed" and maybe even not had to go to the pub but had BBQ and cans into the early morning....

This forum is ace for findig out info - a rideout/meeting is a prime place for face to face interaction and to look at bikes- there wa snot enuff time to do that this time

name name /real name are a must !!!!!!!

Can't fault the system/the markers/indicators at corners/organisation.etc etc - it was faultless !! ..... s the infrastructure is there it is just the niceities that need addressing....we are all aware and appreciative John of the input and ime it takes to organise such an vent and the personal "worry" you must have that it all goes without a hitch or incident or safety issue you said everyone is fun and friendly but ADULT and it all went well...

Main areas I feel- to address going forward are:

* Location
* Mileage of rideout
* day.time of rideout to allow social aspect and maybe sleep it off b4 journey home.- this does lean towarda saturday ride out which may be too busy on the road !!!
* Stop offs in the rideout...maybe 2 to 3 stops would be better one with a fuel stop of course
*Those who gave up their enjoyment to give us enjoyment this year should be given opportunity to enjoy next year- there are enough competent riders and mture adults to relieve baldyman/jelster sid and yourself on the day and allow you to become the rideout and soak it all up .
* wales is do able by all !!- and scenery is perfect and roads are ideal..but we all know the boys in blue and bikers in wales do not mix !
* Does it need to be annually!!..... cost is minimal can it not be twice a year- (cant say BI- scoobs will pounce)

Without a doubt it was testement to you and the site when there were so many there on sunday - they just kept arriving !! --- I was amazed when the figure surpassed 40 then 50 then + + + + the feeling is there/the committment is there..we just need the input...!!! and an agreement..........

2 camp site?? wales first ? small rideout then pack up n all ride over to midlands! and camp and go see the motorbike museum?? just an idea...then its central to get home for all !!............(unless ur welsh !)

I think folk should just thought shower (cant say brainstorm can we now !!) any idea no matter how daft it appears and just pool the best thghts !

thats my input anyway for what it is worth...

if i had to say one thing - I enjoyed it more than anyything I have done for a long time- serious !..but would have loved more time to interact and view bikes and talk biking and put faces to names.... thats not a negative just a constructive point cant be all things to all people...

cheers - was ace roll on AR06 (with social gathering!)

ophic 07-06-05 08:59 PM

more socialising is a great idea but to pull that off the date needs to be set early. Then more people will be able to book time off work etc and maybe turn it into a long weekend? And possibly we'll get people from further afield.

Anonymous 07-06-05 09:02 PM

I would like to see this extended to a full weekend. Maybe a joining of the rideout and the jamboree idea.

The support idea is a good one, and gives a role for those who may not be able to ride. Some bits and bobs and general stuff.

I know what you are saying about distances but I think we should go further afield. I see the arguments for being close to the main centres but I'd personally like to be more adventurous and think we should occasionally try and go to meet the far flung groups. For example TBH SVEcosse have been stalwarts of this forum when other groups have been less active. I think they are used to having to travel and make an effort and we can be a little lazy (and I include myself as I didnt even turn up this year). Howevee I appreciate your point in it being a social gathering. Its difficult.

Perhaps therefore theres scope for an Annual Rideout AND and an SV-adventure (more of a UK version of the Eurotour) similar to the joint Scotland Ireland venture which is to be applauded.

Vtwinlover 07-06-05 09:02 PM


Originally Posted by BigApe
I vote for Lincolnshire :lol: Having lived there in the past the roads are awesome.

The roads are good in lincolnshire but i wouldnt recomend the company they keep (by that i mean the plod).

A fortnight ago i was up there as a pasenger in a car and we got zapped coming around a long bend from about 1 mile away across a field by a copper in a lay by :o I just dont think thats cricket :shock:

diamond 07-06-05 09:04 PM

Wherever it is next year i will be there and i'll be camping roll on ARO6

:riding: :thumbsup:

Anonymous 07-06-05 09:09 PM

Quiff, Wales was put forward this year and turned down.

BUT its important that this misconception of all of Wales being like the problems in the north. The South and Mid Wales are great biking territory and the plod seem fine as well. Many of us ride the south and the mid wales mountains a lot and without problems.

Im not advocating Wales as an option, although its a good one, but this poit needs puting straight.

ophic 07-06-05 09:16 PM

if we get any more turning up we'll need a police escort :shock:

mysteryjimbo 07-06-05 09:18 PM


Originally Posted by e.d.
Wherever it is next year i will be there and i'll be camping roll on ARO6

:riding: :thumbsup:

Bring your battery charger..... :lol:

Lincolnshire and Wales are great for biking and get my vote. I think the police are fine for large "well paced" groups that ride safe and organised. Its the smaller groups that ride at ridiulous speeds that are frowned upon.

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