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dirtydog 04-06-12 08:41 AM

GM chit chat thread
Here ya go, a nice new sticky chat thread for posting just about anything. Normal rules apply i.e within the U rating, no abusing other users etc etc

DJ123 04-06-12 08:43 AM

Re: GM chit chat thread
DD, thanks very much! Much appreciated 8) You know that you're local to WayneL and Thunderace who are also in Aldershot??

dirtydog 04-06-12 08:53 AM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Yeah have had a PM convo with WayneL who's not far from me.
Where abouts is thunderace

Hopefully get the SV back on the road soon. Not been MOT'd for about 3 years now! Since its last MOT it's gained a GSXR750 front end and an Elka rear shock

DJ123 04-06-12 08:57 AM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Not sure where Thunderace lives, i only know it's Aldershot :lol:

3 years! Time to get it back on the road then ;) What type/model have you got? Gixxer front end v nice, i'm considering it for mine when i decide how long i am keeping it for.

Fallout 04-06-12 09:10 AM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Woohooo! New thread. Thanks Dawwwg! :D

dirtydog 04-06-12 09:23 AM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Mines a curvy S. bought by the other half (Kithat) new in 2001 and then acquired by me about 4 years ago when I bought kitkat a Raptor 1000.
Was originally pearl lively yellow but is now Shimmerin green. Showing about 35k miles now.

In my defence I've not been off the road for those 3 years as I had a Benelli Tornado for a little while

Here it is

And yes the wheels are still mismatched like that, still trying to decide what colour to paint them!

DJ123 04-06-12 09:25 AM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Like a Kwak Green?

dirtydog 04-06-12 09:36 AM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Darker than kwak green, that picture was taken in the shade so doesn't do it justice really.

Been the last few years with having a baby (now 3 1/2) and busy lately with a mk2 xr2!

DJ123 04-06-12 09:48 AM

Re: GM chit chat thread
That looks good 8) i like the look of that. I bet it eats corners better than before with the suspension set up

dirtydog 04-06-12 09:50 AM

Re: GM chit chat thread
It should do, I've not ridden it in anger since fitting the rear shock

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