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rictus01 27-07-12 01:57 AM

last weekends little trip
weather was nice, but started off with a couple of hours of rain apart from that all sunshine for the whole five days, lovely campsite and the Raptor Chapter folks were good fun, bikes/ war planes/guns and other stuff; anyway a few pics here in case anyone is interested.

Cheers Mark

embee 27-07-12 04:16 PM

Re: last weekends little trip
Like the line-up in front of the Lancaster! :thumbsup:

rictus01 27-07-12 04:28 PM

Re: last weekends little trip
I've video of that, couldn't resist the windup for the raptor guys though......:)

YouTube Video
Error: If you cannot see this video, then either YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed to play it.

Geodude 27-07-12 04:58 PM

Re: last weekends little trip
Nice one looks like good fun was had. Love the pic of Lou with her tooth brush, pink pj's and subtle two fingered salute :)

maviczap 27-07-12 05:24 PM

Re: last weekends little trip
I'm horrified at the state of Lou's downpipe, letting the side down a bit there. ;)

CBX with 6 tailpipes, nice!

dizzyblonde 27-07-12 07:08 PM

Re: last weekends little trip
Its all Marks fault, it was all shiny and everything! Then he took me on the satnav route, which was a lovely little road, but it was full of red dusty stuff, rain, plop, and general dirtyness..... :(

So I tried to wash it off at the campsite and failed!!

One of the others, sneaked a photo, cheeky bugger :lol:

That six piper was lovely, made a right racket 8)

yorkie_chris 27-07-12 10:23 PM

Re: last weekends little trip

Originally Posted by dizzyblonde (Post 2750060)
So I tried to wash it off at the campsite and failed!!

You would have been better off having some practice at slow control and/or parking...

dizzyblonde 28-07-12 07:12 AM

Re: last weekends little trip
Pi$$ off, go practise yourself, you are the one that crashes into things.

It's done when necessary for me. Like 100 miles of filtering with a full stack in the back. Mind you that's not necessarily slow when following Mark ;)
No need to practise when off duty and enjoying the sun with lovely company.

Thanks for a wonderful weekend Mark, as usual you bring out the best in my riding, and neither make me feel I should be some sort of performing monkey for the masses. To say kitty has been asleep for an entire year, she felt like I'd ridden her yesterday. I feel so much more at one with that bike, even when doing over the tonne on the airstrip.;) not that having your head forced through your shoulders can be held for long. Haven't lost the skills honed from the Rictus school of filtering either :lol:

So....when we doing it again? :D

rictus01 28-07-12 08:38 AM

Re: last weekends little trip
:smt044 since when did "white van man" carry sway?

Apart from a grumble at the muck on the back roads (;)) I didn't notice any problem on the way there, on site I did see you moved the bike around on the wet grass as well as any, likewise next door, despite me taking the pi** (as I do) wiggling out from all the parked up bikes didn't cause any problems.

And the day we left, you were tired and quiet rightly dialed it back a bit until your first Coffee break, which isn't to say slow, more cautious I'd say, I still had some playtime myself, you didn't stop that (as some would have); but from there you were fine even to the point of not needing a break later on, the ability to ride within your limits is something many could well do with recognizing, you didn't ride like me, but then few do, you did ride so I didn't need to worry about what you were doing and that's all I ask of my companions, sure more practice would hone skills you already have and indeed improve others, but many other comitments preclude that (but then I'm a worn record when it comes to "practicing" bike skills; with everyone anyway), if you noticed me looking a lot it's only you're so dam sexy on that bike....:kiss:

"So....when we doing it again?" anytime that lovely man of yours takes on the family sitting for you and allows you "browny point time" I'd guess,I tend to ride a lot alone most of the time, but I do enjoy riding with a few and you're amongst those, which in my book is a big plus, so anytime Lou.

Cheers Mark.

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