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fraser01 14-05-04 09:46 PM

Welcome to the reviews section
Well, as you can see, the newly added reviews section. After a few votes it is now here, its yours to fill, so get posting. :D

Regards :D


SV650rules 05-11-16 11:15 AM

Re: Welcome to the reviews section
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Recently bought one of these MRA screens for my 2017 (Model Year) SV650 AL7. Was easy to fit and is well constructed and fits in with bike well.

Worked well to keep windblast off chest but moved the air up to helmet area, both my Caberg Duke and AVG helmets suddenly changed from being pretty quiet to being hellishly noisy (had to use full strength foam earplugs, which I hate as they cut out 90% of all noise and make you feel as though you are in a bubble) - ended up chopping of the top 70mm or so (the upturned lip) which seemed to be causing disturbed air (vortexes / vortices ?) to form and bash into my head area. Still keeps a lot of air off me, hits me mid chest now (and nicely covers the instrument panel to keep sunlight and rain off). All I can say it is better than no screen but that top lip which looks OK was anything but. I have talked to others who also chopped the upturned lip off screen on their faired sportsbikes because of helmet wind noise. Both helmets were so quiet before screen fitted that I didn't need earplugs, apparently this is because the helmet was in a clear air-stream that was able to flow around helmet cleanly (as the helmet designer intended).

May just have screen on for colder months and take it off for summer riding. Attached photo is MRA screen minus the upturned 70mm lip

Heorot 09-11-16 12:34 PM

Re: Welcome to the reviews section
I have a double bubble Puig screen fitted to my naked K3 and wear a Can flip front helmet. My head is in clear air and the helmet is very aerodynamic so I don't need earplugs. The screen is mainly to keep the wind off my body.

svenrico 11-09-20 08:13 PM

Re: Welcome to the reviews section
This has been a problem for me with bikes. The only half faired bike that did not cause a problem with turbulence/buffeting was an old model suzuki 1200 bandit. Other bikes need a screen cut down to top of dashboard height. An MRA Vario screen set as low as possible was ok on a naked kawasaki 900 vulcan bike when it was set at a really acute angle. The bottom half of the MRA screen with an adjustable add on flip thing wasn't too bad on a Honda cb650f but it seems to be best without any screen on naked bikes and have 'clean' air hitting you. I have only had a briefish test ride on the sv650A so I can't say too much yet, but no doubt I will go through the usual testing out the MRA variable in various settings. Adjustable brackets on screens didn't seem to make much difference to me when tried on a Honda cb1000f. Flip top tall screen on a 900 Yamaha diversion was terrible until cut right down. Touring screen on v7 moto guzzi was awful. Honda nc700x screen was poor. small puig fly screen was ok on triumph legend. Dart flyscreen on triumph bonneville was crap.
That's enough for now !

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