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Mark_h 23-06-13 08:45 PM

AR2013 Picture Thread
Somewhere to stick up any pictures from the weekend. I'll upload the batch I took shortly but for now a few to get you going .....

[Edit] More have been added <Here>.

Given you lot rode so quickly to the first photo spot I didn't have time to get set up so some will need adjusting as the camera was just left on auto. If you want a hi-res version or an adjusted version then let me know and I'll do what I can so don't expect fast turn-around or expert results.

chris8886 23-06-13 09:25 PM

Re: AR2013 Picture Thread
nice pics and even nicer cos i'm in there 6th one down! :D

The Idle Biker 23-06-13 09:54 PM

Re: AR2013 Picture Thread
:smt023 LiamJ - the wheelie - love it!

razvandada 24-06-13 07:19 AM

Re: AR2013 Picture Thread
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Lunch time.

Liamj 24-06-13 09:16 AM

Re: AR2013 Picture Thread
YAY! Thank you mark!
I didn't take many photos here's one.

Jason H 24-06-13 12:19 PM

Re: AR2013 Picture Thread
Yay, my naked made it into the group photo at the pub! :smt041

Shame Matt's massive head blocks me out from the Pre ride-out photo...

SvNewbie 24-06-13 08:48 PM

Re: AR2013 Picture Thread
Great photos Mark. Bring on the other ones!

Spank86 25-06-13 01:52 PM

Re: AR2013 Picture Thread
I've got hundreds from the setup, might upload them to photo bucket and put up the link.

Be warned they are varying degrees of rubbishness.

It also turns out once my camera gets to the edge of its optical zoom it's not worth using digital.

Spank86 25-06-13 02:22 PM

Re: AR2013 Picture Thread
As I said while taking them, Bad photos are better than no photos:

If anyone thinks they can play/sort them out, wants any I'm happy to email the originals.

minimorecambe 25-06-13 02:31 PM

Re: AR2013 Picture Thread
My eyes!!!!!!!!!!

I think I need to treat him to a wax :p

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