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5hort5 12-01-10 10:07 PM

Photo Comp - Chat Thread
What's this thread all about then?

Well a few people have wanted to comment and chat about the pictures in the monthly photo competition but to keep the thread clean to make it easy for moderating and judging chat isn't allowed. This thread is for chat, comments, I've been there! remarks, etc, etc, you can even ask for tips on the pic you have posted if you wish.

Firstly for the rules of the photo competition go to this page:

Showing an image in this thread

Next if you want to comment or chat about a picture how do you reference it into this thread?

Simple, if you are using Internet Explorer then right click on the image and select properties from the menu.

A small window will appear and you will want to copy the Address (URL) of the image. Highlight the text, right click and select copy.

Next paste this into your quote or reply in this thread and add image tags before and after the address, so the images address is:

The image address with the image display tags is:


(Note the image tags start with [IMG] and not just IMG], you need both square brackets but if I put both then the image would display and not the exmaple tags.

As this example shows:

If you are using another browser then you'll probably know how to do it ;-)

Last thing when posting peoples pics always credit the poster of the image as it is their property.

Chat away :-)

5hort5 12-01-10 10:09 PM

Re: January Photo Comp - Chat Thread
Darren, was this part of an AR or just a weekend away?
Pic by: DarrenSV650S

Richie 12-01-10 10:29 PM

Re: January Photo Comp - Chat Thread
Cheers Si, such a simple solution. but can I change the title of your thread to "Photo comp chat thread" and not just the January photo compt chat thread?

Richie. ;-)

5hort5 12-01-10 11:18 PM

Re: January Photo Comp - Chat Thread
Of course - go for it :-)

Richie 12-01-10 11:34 PM

Re: Photo Comp - Chat Thread
Done. There are some very very good photos so far, Still trying to find / take one for this months comp too.

mr.anderson 13-01-10 05:33 PM

Re: Photo Comp - Chat Thread
TC3, can you tell us some more about this Photo?

TC3 13-01-10 05:44 PM

Re: Photo Comp - Chat Thread
Ok if i remember right we got 20 quid return tickets with Ryanair for a day trip to Venice at the end of 2007. Had 7 hours in Venice and just walked all over the place. As the light began to fade i could see the sky getting some nice colour but i just could not find a good composition. All at once this scene welcomed me as we crossed a bridge and the beauty really caught my eye.
At the time i had a Pentax dslr with a FA50mm 1.4 lens attached. The pic was taken handheld at 1/6 second with iso at 800 and aperture of f2.4.
It has been printed in both colour and also looks good in black/white if you add some contrast and several freinds have copies on their walls. Technically the white balance is a teeny bit off but other than that i was happy with what i got. Could have cropped out the bottom boat too but would square pic off a bit too much.

DarrenSV650S 13-01-10 05:55 PM

Re: January Photo Comp - Chat Thread

Originally Posted by 5hort5 (Post 2148141)
Darren, was this part of an AR or just a weekend away?
Pic by: DarrenSV650S

It was a long weekend away in July 08. I had been there the year before on my own and wanted to go again. It's a beautiful wee island

Mull Thread

5hort5 16-01-10 01:28 AM

Re: Photo Comp - Chat Thread
Well 43 entries so far that is a lot, Richie are we voting on just the one we want to win or the our top three?

fizzwheel 16-01-10 09:39 AM

Re: Photo Comp - Chat Thread
Well traditionaly its been vote on just one, but the standard is very high this month and some fantastic pics have already gone up.

So maybe top 3, but I'm going to struggle to pic just 3 out of that lot.

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