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Peetee650 06-09-08 12:52 PM

Thanks CJ Balls!
Just picked my bike up this morning after a week without her. Had loads of trouble with my bike not running properly and after exhausting all the orgs advice I bit the bullet and took her in to the garage.

Turned out it was a problem with the electrics somewhere. The nice people at CJ Balls in Hales sorted her out for me then only charged for five of the eight or nine man hours it took them to go through all the looms to find the problem.

So cheers CJ Balls, you're stars!

svrich 06-09-08 09:57 PM

Re: Thanks CJ Balls!
They have been very good to me from day one. I got my bike from them in their January sale last year (1895 which I thought was a good bargin) and they have been very helpful ever since. When my engine bolt sheared one of their guys found one in their spares bin and let me have it for nowt. How good was that :D

K 07-09-08 07:27 AM

Re: Thanks CJ Balls!
It's nice to hear of a garage that has done well by its customers. Normally you only hear the bad stuff.

Where are they anyway? Hales? My geography's poo. :oops:

Peetee650 07-09-08 08:29 AM

Re: Thanks CJ Balls!
Its near Norwich(ish).

Its about 15 odd miles from my house in Great Yarmouth.

Just realised that they must have put some fuel in the bike. They did about 20 miles over two test rides to make sure the bike was running ok but when I left it with them there was none it it. Not many places that would do that and not charge for the fuel they put in! :smt038

Lozzo 07-09-08 06:42 PM

Re: Thanks CJ Balls!
My ex took her Bandit 650 in there for a full major service a couple of days before she did a trackday at Mallory, they sent it out to her without even looking at the front brakes, both of which were seized on their mountings and in desperate need of bleeding. We spent the night before the trackday with the brakes in bits so I could do them properly and when we complained they just weren't interested.

Her mum also had problems with the Norwich branch not completing a service correctly on her CBF600, and as recompense they agreed to replace the badly worn disc they sold it to her with in the first place. Nice offer...not.

I wouldn't take any bike of mine there.

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