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Viper 08-08-10 02:28 PM

Home Safe Thread
Viper home safe.

Thanks for a great weekend. Good to see some old faces (Quiff) some very old faces (Luckypants) and some new ones.

See you all again soon

Devil Biccy 08-08-10 02:39 PM

Re: Home Safe Thread
Likewise home safe. Great to see everyone again including you Quiff! Hope to see you all next year

christopher 08-08-10 02:44 PM

Re: Home Safe Thread
I'm home also, thanks for a good weekend all. Especially to those who organised and helped out!

Specialone 08-08-10 02:54 PM

Re: Home Safe Thread
We got home safe (just about, due to the knobhead drivers out in force on the mway :() had 1 of the best weekends, thanks everyone, especially the organsiers.

Despite a puncture on the way down, a tent pole nearly knocking me out and having to cut the rideout short due to an on going shoulder problem, i had a brilliant time.
My wifes 1st camping trip, mine on a bike, so all in all, brilliant :D

Cheers guys and gals.

Von Teese 08-08-10 03:01 PM

Re: Home Safe Thread
Von Teeses are home safe.
Had a really great time, thank you to everyone who made it so great! xxx

Supervox 08-08-10 03:19 PM

Re: Home Safe Thread
Supervox home safe & sound - thanks to everyone for making it a fabulous weekend :cool:

skeetly 08-08-10 03:23 PM

Re: Home Safe Thread
Me and the missus back.
Had a lovely time. Apologies to anyone who may be wondering why I didn't say hello; I'm a useless socialite.....

sarah 08-08-10 03:39 PM

Re: Home Safe Thread
I'm home :driving:
Just waiting for Eviltwin to get back:riding:

Scoobs 08-08-10 03:41 PM

Re: Home Safe Thread
Scoobs home. Pretty uneventfull weekend really.

DMC 08-08-10 03:55 PM

Re: Home Safe Thread
Home safe but totally ball oxed. Was a great weekend, thanks to all that made it happen :D

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