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disco 10-04-18 10:19 PM

which track.....
has the longest sweeping bends to lean the bike over? And/Or most suitable to a novice?


maviczap 11-04-18 09:31 AM

Re: which track.....

disco 11-04-18 09:38 AM

Re: which track.....
That was my thought, Ive never been there but have looked at plans of most of the tracks. Donny or Silverstone were my other thoughts.

maviczap 11-04-18 11:04 AM

Re: which track.....
Never done those 2, but Silverstone is another one I'd do..

He's my video of one session that was cut short by some fool throwing it down the road, not me I hasten to add.

I've done 3 novice track days at Snetterton with MSV track days, and on the whole pretty well controlled, with groups sorted in ability. So novices with novices, and if you're too fast for the novice group you get moved up.

They do sessions at most tracks

YouTube Video
Error: If you cannot see this video, then either YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed to play it.

disco 11-04-18 11:33 AM

Re: which track.....
Yeah, none of those corners look too tight after the straights

maviczap 11-04-18 11:36 AM

Re: which track.....
Plenty of run off if you do get it wrong :-)

Biker Biggles 11-04-18 11:59 AM

Re: which track.....
If you are in Oxford Rockingham and Silverstone are nearer. I liked the Rockingham national circuit on an SV because it is mostly corners and includes the longest left hander I know.

disco 11-04-18 12:17 PM

Re: which track.....
Ive been to SStone nver been to Rockingham though. 9 rights and less lefts. looks guite good.thx

Red ones 11-04-18 04:45 PM

Re: which track.....
You can do it as a left hand or right handed bend.

Red Herring 12-04-18 06:56 AM

Re: which track.....
I thought Pembury was supposed to have the longest left hander in the UK, as for right handers Cadwell is well up there. From tipping in at Park you've got a brief acceleration out, a roll and further tip into Chris curve, then a long period of balance/acceleration before braking into the Gooseneck, that's nearly 270 degrees worth all on the right hand side of the tyre.

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