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Scoobs 14-09-08 11:30 AM

R.I.P. Teejey
Truly the most horrible post I have ever had to make.

It is with great sorrow and regret I have to inform you that Tim "Teejey" Reynolds was involved in an accident on his bike last night that he didn't walk away from.

Rest in peace my friend. We had an epic week.

tanis34 14-09-08 11:31 AM

Re: R.I.P. Teejey
R.I.P to yet another biker

Foxy 14-09-08 11:33 AM

Re: R.I.P. Teejey
Oh no R.I.P. Teejey

fizzwheel 14-09-08 11:35 AM

Re: R.I.P. Teejey
oh f*ck, I'm a bit lost for words. Totally shocked.

cuffy 14-09-08 11:42 AM

Re: R.I.P. Teejey
Fookin ell scoobs, really sorry to hear this mate.
RIP Teejay.
Stay safe people.

DMC 14-09-08 11:44 AM

Re: R.I.P. Teejey
Sad sad news. RIP Tim.

xXBADGERXx 14-09-08 11:44 AM

Re: R.I.P. Teejey
:( rip tj

mrs cuffy 14-09-08 11:45 AM

Re: R.I.P. Teejey
So sorry to hear this, R.I.P Teejey.

Luckypants 14-09-08 11:50 AM

Re: R.I.P. Teejey
Really sad news, RIP Teejay.

Sean_C 14-09-08 11:54 AM

Re: R.I.P. Teejey
RIP Teejey :(

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