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Seeker 06-05-18 11:25 AM

Oh no, not again (speeding)
So, 10 days ago I passed a hidden police car when I may have been slightly above the speed limit. Not heard anything about that yet.

Today: a couple of cars doing about 55 on a straight road, trees either side, so I passed them briefly hitting * and...there was the camera van in amongst the trees. It had windows front and back so I'm not going to escape this one.

It's maddening that I had ridden for 60 miles keeping strictly to the limits and then I go blow it on one quick overtake maneuver.

I need to pay more attention :(

(as well as the fine).

PyroUK 06-05-18 11:39 AM

Re: Oh no, not again (speeding)
What was the limit on the road?

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Talking Heads 06-05-18 11:52 AM

Re: Oh no, not again (speeding)
You could be lucky yet.
Speedos are not always 100% accurate, they are allowed to over-read by up to 10%
If your speedo is say 4% out (not uncommon) and you briefly hit 70 indicated that would be 67.2 actual
There's usually a "tolerance" of 10% over the limit plus 2mph, i.e. 68

Seeker 06-05-18 12:17 PM

Re: Oh no, not again (speeding)

Originally Posted by PyroUK (Post 3085292)
What was the limit on the road?

It was a 60 limit but the van was parked near a very popular (motorbike) cafe and, today, it was packed with bikes. They were obviously looking for speeding bikes. It's amazing how a van with bold stripes painted across it merges in with the trees!

It was just one of those days when fate (and my own stupidity) were working together. I don't normally approach the cafe from that direction, I'm not a fast rider and don't usually bother overtaking (when I'm near my destination), I guess the sunshine addled my brain.

Craig380 06-05-18 01:42 PM

Re: Oh no, not again (speeding)
SV pointy speedos over-read by 8 to 9% on the standard wheel and tyre size so if you were indicating 70, that's less than 65mph actual speed. It's still possible that you might get done as the 10% plus 2mph tolerance is a guideline rather than a rule but I think it's unlikely that you would get penalised.

PyroUK 06-05-18 03:01 PM

Re: Oh no, not again (speeding)
That and if it was momentarily for the overtake might be ok

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Red ones 06-05-18 03:32 PM

Re: Oh no, not again (speeding)
My SV Speedo over reads by 10% if GPS is anything to go by. The car is spot on though.

SV650rules 06-05-18 03:49 PM

Re: Oh no, not again (speeding)
The camera may have been obstructed by the cars you were passing, were you level with van when you left the cars behind ? Also could the cars have screened your number plate as you passed the van ? If you can check your speedo against a satnav it may give you some reassurance (or not) about what speed you were actually travelling at.

Seeker 06-05-18 04:18 PM

Re: Oh no, not again (speeding)
Thanks for all the positive thoughts, guys - as a pessimist, they're in short supply for me :(


Originally Posted by SV650rules (Post 3085308)
The camera may have been obstructed by the cars you were passing

No, definitely not obstructed:

I pulled out to pass two slower cars, when I was alongside the second car I noticed the camera van on the opposite side of the road but at that point I couldn't just brake and dive back into the lane because the first car was too close to the second car. By the time I was photographed I'm certain my speed would have been near 60 since after passing the second car I did pull back into lane and slow (roughly level with the van at this point), but by then I'd been tagged.

The way I understood the vans to work is that a cameraman targets you with a steerable laser to determine your speed, if you're in an approaching car he can photograph your license plate, if you're on an approaching bike, he photographs you as you're receding having already determined your speed.

The problem with camera vans is that there no extenuating circumstances, you are either over the speed limit or not. In the days when you got pulled over you could explain why you were speeding and, if reasonable, be given a friendly warning (sometimes).

Still, apart from my misdemeanour, I enjoyed my ride today. (desperately trying to sound positive).

Chris_SVS 06-05-18 04:27 PM

Re: Oh no, not again (speeding)
Licence clean currently? I hate the sweating it out but 3 points (possibly awareness course) isn't the end of the world...

It's weird though, how invisible a vehicle covered in HI-VIZ decals is... Chameleon vans..

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