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redeye321 25-12-05 12:43 PM

Tyre mileage from diablos
Just wondering what other people have been getting. I have just changed my rear tyre and although it was on the limit I got 8000 miles from my rear. From what i have been told you go through two rears to one front. I got my diablos fitted as a pair so could i expect to get 16000 out of my front!!! Correct me if i'm wrong but that is car tyre mileage? :shock:

jonboy 26-12-05 12:43 PM

8k out of a Diablo is pretty impressive, but also says you've been taking it rather easy. The front tyre is highly unlikely to last 16k and will be seriously squared off and well past it's sell by date as regards performance by around 10k I suggest.


PeterM 27-12-05 07:21 AM

I've notched up 10 000km (6250 miles) on mine and the rear look like it cmight have a few thousand more left in it. Very happy. These tyres haven't been babied either, track time, fast road riding etc. all very good & confidence inspiring.

amarko5 06-01-06 02:17 AM

i got less than 4k from the old diablo's

but then i ride like there is no tomorrow on a lot of rough abrasive road surfaces.

Balky001 10-01-06 03:17 PM

I've done just under 5500 on my Diablo's on a GSXR600 which delivers power a little different to the SV. I'd say my front is good for another thousand possibly but the rear is squared off - less than 1mm tread in the middle but a good 3 on the edges. Even though they have been used on the track and twisties, alot of the riding was on A roads hence the squaring off. 8000 I can believe if you look after your tyres, 16K for the front would be exceptional. The 2 rears to a single front depends on lots of things, if you push the front on the twisities/track, or use a lot of hard front braking, it soon gets used. If you wheelie everywhere should last 100K :wink:

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