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sloth31 02-11-16 01:25 AM

Back on a bike
Hi All

Back on a bike after 18 months break.
got myself a Sv650s L2 the other week , I had a K7 a few years ago and missed it , best all around bike I have owned.

im from Stafford so in-between this region and the madlands

My friends at the gym call me a sloth due to my long dopey arms, hence the user name

I will upload a picture of my bike shortly...

sloth31 02-11-16 01:25 AM

Re: Back on a bike

maviczap 02-11-16 06:40 AM

Re: Back on a bike
Hello and welcome back

carelesschucca 02-11-16 06:59 AM

Re: Back on a bike
Hello, ride safe have fun.

Geodude 02-11-16 08:02 AM

Re: Back on a bike
Howdoo and welcome :)

garynortheast 02-11-16 09:28 AM

Re: Back on a bike
Hallo and welcome back. Nice looking bike!

sl0th86 02-11-16 09:31 AM

Re: Back on a bike
Hello fellow sloth! Haha loving the tyco pointy

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500tie 02-11-16 08:35 PM

Re: Back on a bike
Hello and welcoem buddy bet that exhausts loud

sloth31 03-11-16 12:54 AM

Re: Back on a bike
Thanks for the warm welcome

always good to meet another sloth :)

the exhaust is not too bad, I haven't taken the baffle out yet though
I used to own a straight pipe 600cc supermoto ,so most exhausts are quiet to me in comparison

500tie 03-11-16 10:19 PM

Re: Back on a bike
Haha yes a straight piped supermoto would probably make a moto gp bike sound mmmm quaint

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