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pegasus 06-08-09 11:30 PM

Re: Random
Do i wake up in your mind?


dizzyblonde 06-08-09 11:32 PM

Re: Random
OH DEAR.....Thats just real cheesy peas!

pegasus 06-08-09 11:40 PM

Re: Random
" this ones called lick my love pump"


pegasus 06-08-09 11:43 PM

Re: Random
wheres Bear when you need him.

Maybe with Hovis?

Alls fair in love and war.


dizzyblonde 06-08-09 11:46 PM

Re: Random
^^^^I blame it on complete drunken randomness^^^^^

pegasus 06-08-09 11:50 PM

Re: Random
I love you all.

so many beautiful faces.


Spiderman 06-08-09 11:52 PM

Re: Random
So many sexy places too.

I forgot just how much fun you were dude :)

pegasus 06-08-09 11:55 PM

Re: Random
Zigginess come have a drink with me shout.

Can i look into your eyes and see you?

You are my brother .

peace dude.

I wish you saw what i did today...the world is good.


dizzyblonde 07-08-09 12:01 AM

Re: Random
ahhh now i know the next bit

it goes...

touch my hand ;-)

pegasus 07-08-09 12:02 AM

Re: Random
I cant remember when it was good
Moments of happiness elude
maybe i just misunderstood

All of the love we left behind
Watching the flashbacks intertwine
memories i will never find


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