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Wideboy 09-10-12 11:36 AM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Aaaawwww yeahhhh virtual high five dude yeeeaaahhh!!!!!

We're setting up base camp early Sunday evening, get a bbq on the go and maybe one or two tins..... all in the blazing sun and heat *fingers crossed*

Littlepeahead 11-10-12 02:29 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Afternoon. We in the Soho Massive have a very low key Crimbo Celebration in Ye Olde London Towne each year and are currently deciding on a possible date. We do permit the Essex types to join us so perhaps GM might like to come along too. However I should warn you that our parties do feature women and often some JBA.

DJ123 11-10-12 05:37 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Up for it! have a destination in mind yet?

Spank86 11-10-12 05:41 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
I'm up for it in theory, I can take the ace.

Thunderace 11-10-12 09:59 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread

Originally Posted by Spank86 (Post 2784552)
I'm up for it in theory, I can take the ace.

Ok then I'll chaperone!:smt077

Thunderace 13-10-12 02:10 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Might have to try and scrape together some fuel, coz tomorrow is shaping up to be a good turn out!:smt040

Spank86 13-10-12 06:27 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
I've discovered that the temperature gauge on the ace doesn't work so I'd appreciate it if you could bring that manual down to the rideout with you Nathan?

Thunderace 13-10-12 06:40 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
It probably does it's just the engine don't get much over 60 degrees when not in traffic, this is due to some problem with the thermostat. I read some waffle about it on a Thunderace forum it does get hot but doesn't show on the gauge, also beware heavy traffic/traffic lights etc if you don't filter through and keep moving the engine will get mighty hot, due to the switch for the fans not coming on until 105 degrees, unless one of the previous owners has changed it.

A cheap fix/replacement though so don't panic.

I'll stick the manual in my jacket tomo.

Spank86 13-10-12 06:42 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Cheers man, I'd rather have it for some light reading anyhow.

iSight have to run it in the garage for a bit just to be completely sure.

Wideboy 17-10-12 07:46 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread

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