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Sir Trev 04-10-15 06:27 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread

Originally Posted by daddyjob (Post 3027167)
I've been out biking, just tends to be a wake up & go though. Instead of posting a thread and see how many can't come along!

Hmm. Tends to be what I do as well. Headed out to Abingdon today to have a wander along the Thames but the place was almost in gridlock hell thanks to a fair taking over the town centre and all the traffic being diverted through the tiny side roads. Did not stop in the end but it was a nice round trip through the countryside.

DJ123 04-10-15 07:15 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Similar to what I did yesterday and went to Hastings. Well the original plan was Dungeness but the traffic was worse than expected/hoped.
My aim currently is to go places I've not been to before.

Wideboy 04-10-15 08:05 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
I've started clearing out the bottom of the garden ready for the base to go down, workshop construction is happening so i won't be about for a while i don't think.

DJ123 04-10-15 08:23 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
they'll be some deep foundations . . . . . more like a well full of concrete

Wideboy 04-10-15 08:25 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
noooo, those one's are in my freezer.

Jason H 04-10-15 08:27 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Later to be buried with the assistance of Tanner. I assume that's what teaching him to dig was for?

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Wideboy 04-10-15 08:31 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
actually he was pretty useful, but he got bored and went to sleep on the decking. Took me 2 and a bit hours to get the other stump out.

DJ123 07-10-15 06:14 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Not a very good accomplice then

Wideboy 18-12-15 09:44 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
I heard something, that something was it, or was it a thingy, or maybe......... it was nothing.

Wideboy 17-01-21 06:53 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
I thought we were all going for a ride out today?! I waited all day!

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