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Fallout 02-07-12 11:54 AM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Don't forget it could also be that Laurie is rubbish at riding. Don't forget that as a possible cause.

The Idle Biker 02-07-12 01:21 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Mark h, thanks for the pointer but these are brand new tyres save 4x20min sessions novice group trackday.

Fallout well, yeah, thanks for that. :-)

The Idle Biker 02-07-12 07:49 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Just checked, there was only 10psi in the front, no wonder it felt wobbly. Might be a dodgy valve. It feels miles better now. Woo hoo.
Still think the forks need straightening in the yolks a bit, as it seems to steer a tiny bit to the right.

Just noticed someone dented the tank while it was parked at Goodwood Festival of Speed yesterday. Crap!

Spank86 05-07-12 09:44 AM

Re: GM chit chat thread
It appears the oil on my bike is leaking from the rocker cover gasket so thats getting changed and I should be back on the road for sunday.

Mark_h 05-07-12 04:10 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Good view of airshow practice today. The Typhoon went over so fast and so low it set my car alarm off. Be good to see the Grippen back again as that one makes your lungs buzz.

You can usually park up with a bike by the bailey bridge and watch during practice and trade week. No chance of getting there without a pushbike or walking on the public weekend though.

The Idle Biker 05-07-12 04:24 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Is it the Farnborough Airshow this weekend?

Mark_h 05-07-12 04:34 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Airshow next weekend 14/15th with trade shows during the week leading up to it. This week they do a bit of practice.

Bordtea 05-07-12 05:41 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
Which bridge you on about? The metal style one with somewhat of a view over the airfield? Near the 1st Gear MTC training site and Malta Barracks?

Mark_h 05-07-12 05:46 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
The one by the shic shyc chic.... wiggly bit of the road alongside the canal

Mark_h 06-07-12 04:05 PM

Re: GM chit chat thread
It's raining so no chance of a ride this evening so why not pop along the the Heatherside Schools Summer Fair. Friday 6th July (That's tonight) from 5-8. Beer tent, burgers, splat the rat and more yummy mummies (and daddy equivalents) than you can poke a stick at!

If I don't see at least 3x GM there then the next ride-out I lead will consist of 30mph housing estate roads with gravel and speedbumps!

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