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biker_kev 20-03-17 02:07 PM

Avon 3D XM's
Hi all,

Just had a set of Avon 3D XM tyres fitted in standard sizes, changing from an ancient Dunlop 204 front in a 70 profile, and a Dunlop Roadsmart rear (std 60 profile).

Anyone else have these on their bike? My bike won't be back on the road for a few more weeks yet, so wondering what people think of them.

I do mostly weekend blasts, with a few trackdays a year thrown in for good measure.

Blapper 20-03-17 02:44 PM

Re: Avon 3D XM's
Love 'em.

biker_kev 20-03-17 04:31 PM

Re: Avon 3D XM's
Thanks Blapper. The woman in the shop said they wouldn't recommend them for track days, and tried to steer me towards a full on sports tyre, but 90% of my mileage is on the road, and I'm really in the lower end of the intermediates group on track days if I'm honest.

Blapper 21-03-17 08:11 AM

Re: Avon 3D XM's
As I understand it they are softer on the sides than the middle and although they are doubtless not soft enough for real heroics, They have given me no worries at all on the road. I find the rear locks too easily, but that is most likely bad technique on my part. I have done 3K miles so far and the still look like new.

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