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Trev B 28-12-17 03:38 PM

Seat cowls
Has anyone seen those seat cowls on eBay from China..£38.33 free post!if so has anyone actually purchased one and what’s it like please ????

garynortheast 01-01-18 10:04 PM

Re: Seat cowls
Got a link Trev?

Trev B 03-01-18 04:36 PM

Re: Seat cowls
Sorry mate only just seen your post!dont know how to do link thing but just look on eBay and type SV 650S,scroll down for seat cowls!they even come in colour

sv650nyc 03-01-18 05:37 PM

Re: Seat cowls
I purchased one like this last year that was supposed to be in Napoleon Candy blue (2006 colour) but they sent the blue colour for the 2007 model. I returned it and got my money back.
The quality, fit and paint job were good however (I wouldn't be surprised if it was made by the same factory that makes the OEM cowl...).
Also you only get the cowl by itself, but if you want to remove the grab bar as well, you need a different bracket and plastic parts for the grab bar drop-outs. None of those are available on eBay.
Some people have attempted to 3D print those parts, but for most of us, I'd say stay away from buying it, you'll regret it.
I ultimately purchased the OEM seat cowl from and I'm happy with it, even though the fit is not 100% perfect (right top side is a bit loose).

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