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dirtydog 24-06-13 07:58 PM

Donations made at the AR
Well it appears you lot are a generous bunch, most will remember a donation box being thrust at you at various times over the weekend.
Everyone dug deep and it was appreciated!

The money collected was to pay towards the portaloo hire and if there was any surplus it would be split and donated to the .Org and the IOW and Hampshire air ambulance.

I have now counted the contents of the box and thanks to everyones generosity we raised an impressive 172.18!

The portaloo hire was 72 for the weekend

Which left 100.18 surplus, I have now donated 50 to the IOW air ambulance and 50.18 to the .Org fund

So a big thanks to everyone who donated.

Fallout 24-06-13 08:04 PM

Re: Donations made at the AR
Good stuff! Decent little sum! :)

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