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Craigg 03-03-17 11:20 AM

FAO: Bibio

Sent you a couple of PMs but not sure if you received them?

Let me know either way :)


carelesschucca 03-03-17 11:48 AM

Re: FAO: Bibio
He's not been on the forum for about a week... He might not have seen them yet.

maviczap 03-03-17 12:11 PM

Re: FAO: Bibio
Its his usual sabbatical, disappears for a while

andrewsmith 03-03-17 01:56 PM

Re: FAO: Bibio
He's on migration to warmer climates.... Fife!!!

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Craigg 03-03-17 02:45 PM

Re: FAO: Bibio
Fair Enough :) hopefully he see's this when he gets back :D

carelesschucca 03-03-17 03:01 PM

Re: FAO: Bibio
He will don't you worry...

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