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Gordon B 06-05-08 01:05 PM

Who are you, who who....
OK, as the AR is getting closer and closer thought I would launch a thread for people to put up a photo of themselves so you have a bit of a headstart come the weekend.

Please do not post a pic if you are not attending! Also if you want to quote, remove the picture first to save bandwidth!

So, this is me...

at last years AR. Same bike, now less hair though!

plowsie 06-05-08 01:12 PM

Re: Who are you, who who....

I'm on the left ;)

Another, more joking around mood to the left of this post :)

And my bike :) See all you ugly gits at the AR!

Luckypants 06-05-08 01:13 PM

Re: Who are you, who who....
Me at the AR07.... same bike, same hair, bigger belly :(

plowsie 06-05-08 01:18 PM

Re: Who are you, who who....

Originally Posted by Luckypants (Post 1500557)
same hair, bigger belly :(

Also same as quoted...

timwilky 06-05-08 01:21 PM

Re: Who are you, who who....
Less hair, more belly, but still fits in the same T shirt (just)

fizzwheel 06-05-08 01:47 PM

Re: Who are you, who who....

My Bike ( also refered to as "The Chavwheel"

me on my bike !

hovis 06-05-08 03:44 PM

Re: Who are you, who who....

BORIS the 2nd

dizzyblonde 06-05-08 05:29 PM

Re: Who are you, who who....
Depending on which bike behaves itself for the AR depends what I'll turn up on

So it''ll be either Bambikiller 'Dave'
Or her royal highness....SUZY!!!

but one thing you can rely on is if its sunny the purple camos will be on. Cause they are my fave bike pants

dizzyblonde 06-05-08 08:39 PM

Re: Who are you, who who....
Im Indoors or as his username...carnivore

He says he won't be coming on the Raptor( yeah right we know he will) cause he'll be coming on the SRX, but by the time he gets there on that h'll have missed the weekend or its wheels will have dropped off on the motorway.......however if both my bikes are working I could always make him ride down on one of mine!!:cool:
oh and thats Melody's yellow curvy, and YC's nakid there too, but theres no twin lamps now, just football stadium lights instead

lily 06-05-08 09:25 PM

Re: Who are you, who who....
this is me:

and this is me on the back of drew's bike (i'll let him post his ugly mug lol):

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