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Messie 13-07-09 02:51 PM

FOOD!!! Order closed
This thread is to both inform you and me about food for the whole of the AR09 week end. It's so you know what to expect and so do I and the pub.

Please add your name to the poll so we can order roughly the right amount. The choices are
1. Sat am bacon roll breakfast 1.50
2. Sat am egg roll breakfast 1.50
3. Sun am bacon roll breakfast 1.50
4. Sun am egg roll breakfast 1.50
5. Sat evening Hog roast and BBQ 7.95

That's what I need to know

What you need to know is that Friday evening is up to yourselves what/where you eat. The pub does food but is small but Jim has offered to cook steaks all evening if that's what people want. There are take away outlets not far away or of course you are welcome to cook your own.
Saturday lunch will be a picnic, but you will need to bring your own. The place we are stopping at has limited eating facilities which get very busy. The morning stop on the ridout will be at a Tescos so you could stock up there or before the ride at the Spar down the road.
Sunday lunch, again up to you. The pub does a cracking roast but again is not that big. The famous Cabin Dairy at the end of the Burnham Bends is great for a fry up breakfast if anyone can face riding that morning!

I know this isn't going to please everyone but it will be good for most ;)

Spiderman 13-07-09 02:57 PM

Re: FOOD!!! Please read
Spidey - Sat & Sun Bacon rolls - Hog & BBQ

Messie 13-07-09 03:02 PM

Re: FOOD!!! Please read
Oh dear nearly told you off there. I thought you'd just put your requirements in a reply without voting, but now I see you've voted.
Phew that was close!

Spiderman 13-07-09 03:39 PM

Re: FOOD!!! Please read
yeh its not like me to get it right the first time so i understand your trepidations ;)

Warthog 13-07-09 10:09 PM

Re: FOOD!!! Please read
Everything please! Not sure if I will want egg or bacon, so I went for egg. YUM!

ManxMatt34 13-07-09 10:09 PM

Re: FOOD!!! Please read
I do not know much about organising these things, but are you going to keep a record of who has ordered what as i don't want to find myself without my bacon roll on sat morning before the rideout or w/e because someone else missed this thread or for whatever didn't vote and i have to do the first part of the rideout with an empty stomach :P.

Specially with Dave Preston being a hungry man all the time :D

Warthog 13-07-09 10:09 PM

Re: FOOD!!! Please read
(Yes I voted :-P)

the_lone_wolf 13-07-09 10:19 PM

Re: FOOD!!! Please read

Mmmmmmm, bacon, aaaaarglegargle

Paul the 6th 14-07-09 10:14 AM

Re: FOOD!!! Please read
there's no option for "Paul's mega chocolate brownie sundae with strawberries and cream and a mini umbrella" :razz:

SoulKiss 14-07-09 10:15 AM

Re: FOOD!!! Please read
Woohoo - I am the first "Full House" :@)

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