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Alpinestarhero 06-07-08 12:43 PM

AR08: how it was for the Alpinestarhero's
Hi again everyone!!! It was the best weekend of my life - it all started when me and maria headed off to the campsite, it was great riding down the A303, so many brillian views! Dan (WRC 63) and Caz were very chatty and great to talk to when we arrived and I was putting up the tent, me and maria felt welcome straight away and I knew we made the right desicion to come to the AR08.

It was great to be able to meet everyone me managed to say "hi" to - regretably, we didnt get around to everyone, so for those we didnt see I hope to meet you guys in the future!

Alot of people know on here I don't like dogs, but wehn samnooshka arrived I made an extra special effort to go say Hi to her and to meet Lupo and Mina. Sam, I love your dogs :D they are great. Lupo is still a bit intimidating to me, being so strong, but I'm not scared of him, and Mina is just awesome, I was instantly comfortable with her. It was a great experiance to be able to feel comfortable around dogs, and I hope I'll get to see you and the dogs again soon sam :D

The rideout on saturday was the best ever time I've had on my bike, and maria will admit it was the best pillion ride she's ever had! It was brilliant being in the company of so many bikes and so many great riders, everyone behaved excellently. The image of seeing the bikes ahead of me going round corners ahead will stick with me forever, it was like I was a spectator, but I got to have a go at the cornering myself! I was initially very worried I wouldnt be able to keep up - well, I suprised myself! The pace was comfortably fast for me and maria, I had a great time and although I found it difficult to overtake (thanks everyone for being considerate when you passed me) the bike was excellent. 33 bhp may not be alot, but keep that engine spinning between 5000 and 7500 rpm, and its enough to have a bloody fantastic time.

Right, special mention number 2: Pete and Lissa. Thanks for scaring me EVERY TIME YOU CAME PAST!!!! Not that your riding was bad or whatever, just that your SV is so loud!!!!! :D:D Even maria could hear it with her hearing aids out!!! It was great to watch you riding pete, great to see how confident you are with lissa on the back, everything. What a treat!! I look forward to the next time you come past me, make me jump then make me giggle and cheer as you blast away and display those great riding skills.

A big thanks to the leader, the tail-end-charlie and all the group markers for the ride out. They did a fantastic job - I'm sorry if i got in your way at any time chaps, specialy going up that big hill where the gun range was. Now, who dropped their bike in the bush...? :p

I was properly tired when we got back, not to mention soaked (as we all were!). Hindsight is a great thing, and we realyl should have put on our waterproofs. So much for lissa's prediction that it would all blow over :rolleyes::D

Special Mention Number 3: My SV. It didnt miss a beat all weekend, and showed its capability to deliver big thrills, munch big miles and provide big smiles to me and maria. I've always been of high praise, but I've never done so much riding in so many differant conditions before, and my bike took it all in its stride. Next week I loose the restrictors, and the bike should be much better for overtaking and covering long distances at high speeds. But never once did I complain about my lack of power on the rideout was the perfect excuse to rev the engine hard and enjoy that V-twin thunder :D

We apologise for not sticking around to say bye to everyone, but it was so miserable this morning that I just wanted to get up and go. The rain on the return journey was terrible, and me and maria got so cold...but we remained happy.

So, everyone....

....The alpinestarhero's will see oyu at AR09 - and hopefully, maybe, see at least some of you again before then!!

Ooo, just before we shut up - if anyone has any pictures of us (campsite and rideout), could they PM me and let me know? I'll provide my email address for you to send them to. Thanks!

Matt and Maria, the alpinetsarhero's :D:D\\:D/:smt035:queen::king:

chasey 06-07-08 12:48 PM

Re: AR08: how it was for the Alpinestarhero's
Awesome write up dude.

Glad you had a good time. Hopefully I will be able to make it next year!

tanis34 06-07-08 12:57 PM

Re: AR08: how it was for the Alpinestarhero's
sounds like i missed out on a hoot ( thanks work:mad:) glad you all enjoyed it and im glad that your working through your phobia of dogs matt it just takes time and just being near dogs is a good first step

Frank 06-07-08 01:39 PM

Re: AR08: how it was for the Alpinestarhero's
There is nothing more that I can add to that.
Cheers all

Wideboy 06-07-08 01:45 PM

Re: AR08: how it was for the Alpinestarhero's
+1 thanks to everyone for making it a brill rideout and few days .........

and sorry for getting so pi$$ed 8-[

Grinch 06-07-08 03:00 PM

Re: AR08: how it was for the Alpinestarhero's
Who are you, did you come then? ;-)

wow 06-07-08 03:12 PM

Re: AR08: how it was for the Alpinestarhero's
Glad you enjoyed it Matt. Liked your write-up. When are we going to meet you and Maria then? :)

Alpinestarhero 06-07-08 03:23 PM

Re: AR08: how it was for the Alpinestarhero's

Originally Posted by Grinch (Post 1559371)
Who are you, did you come then? ;-)

I could bear-ify that post :smt003

Oh yea, i didnt come did i? It was maria, she stole my bike, masqueraded as me and rode the SV like it was the last lap of a GP and she wanted the win :D

Warthog 06-07-08 03:51 PM

Re: AR08: how it was for the Alpinestarhero's
Ace write up! Considering you were two-up with 33bhp and a top box you did really well on the ride-out!

ChrisCaveman 06-07-08 03:55 PM

Re: AR08: how it was for the Alpinestarhero's
Nice one mate!

I was the bike in front of you ('08 Black nekkid) for a little bit, and I was WELL impressed with the way you kept up through some of the fast, twisty bits =D I tend to cr4p myself when I have a pillion =P

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