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Default Re: Recommended Garages and Meeting Places

Helicoil Fixes And Seized Bolt/Nut Removal

I managed to strip my oil tank plug thread on my SM-T at the weekend, there was a slight cross thread done months and months ago I guess and even through I was very careful this time around it stripped when I was tightening tight with a torque wrench.

I rung around and asked some people in the business and got supplied with details for a guy who solely does helicoil fixes and the removing of seized bolts etc for all the garages in the area (Delmonte / Robinsons etc etc). Alex is his name, mobile #: 07776 145 373

Turned out to be a great guy, I rang him Saturday morning and explained what I'd done and it turns out he is into classic bikes as a hobby I rang him back a little later to ask him when he could fit me in now that I had the oil tank off the bike and he said come straight over...15 minutes later and I had one perfectly fitted helicoil for 15 that in all reality is 10 times better than the cheese thread that was there before!

He can travel too like he does with the garages, so if you have an engine block issue that can only be fixed on site he can do that too, he has all the gear...this is what he does all day every day for work so he ain't gonna get it wrong!!

His business card is attached, couldn't recommend him enough to get you out of a bind!
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