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Default Re: Breakfast roll Sat/Sun

Originally Posted by AndyBrad View Post

Anyhow Chill dizz, im only trying to see what the deal is. I.e. if you pop your name down for a buttie then your commited to it. After all its going to be a bit poor if you get 50 yes i want 2 butties and then you only have 10 people having them (exagerated i know). Also i was wondeing (as theres an on site cafe) if this would be instead off. (i.e. no option to get anything from the cafe as they will be making butties)

Sorry if my questions are awkward. Its something im good at

Precisely why I'm asking.
Whereas with the BBQ I just need an estimation of numbers, so we aren't short, and to cover what I've paid out etc, this one needs a firm yes, as the campsite said exactly the same thing as you....don't want 50 yeses only to get 10 people actually eat....they don't want to be lumbered with food they've got in especially to cover us, then its wasted.
I'm doing the BBQ thing because we need to eat, we need a good focal for after the ride, and its a damn good get together, but the campsite is running a business.

Yes you are bloody awkward....but I likes ya
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