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Default Re: AR09 'Quotable Quotes'

Originally Posted by gruntygiggles View Post
I remember that Dave.....but the best was reminding you of the night before.

To set the scene as no-one else was there, Viper kindly walked me to the toilets and while going through the gap in the trees, we were passed by Davepreston.

Viper, "Nice Crutch"

DP, " Uh, Thanks"

It was classic. Apparently Viper couldn't think of anything to say.....hmmmm!
yes one of the few times someone has stumped me for a reponce poor lad bearly spoke to me afterward
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Vote Dave Preston for god, allah, budda or yoda depending on your affiliation.
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I've just been owned by davepreston!
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Too late now DP is wise to you. Hide your brandy. Lock up your lager. Sell your wife and daughters. Your his b1tch now.
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