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Default Re: Elderly Personal Care Help

I have my Dad booked in for 7 days at the care home I looked at on Wednesday. I've always tried to be honest but caring for a dementia patient tends to stop that. I initially told him he was going on holiday to a care home for a week - that was a big mistake - using the words: "care home" since he said he wasn't going after hearing them. I switched to calling it a special hotel, then just a "hotel". The only good thing about the situation is that if you make a mistake like I did calling it a care home, you only have to wait 5 minutes for a "do over". It's like constantly hitting reset on a game (only far less fun).

"I don't need looking after", he said, walking around in his underwear and wearing one shoe whilst carrying the other. He then proceeded to move the couch in front of the window because the buses were going the wrong way and he needed to check them. (I have no idea).

I've now changed tack again, now I'm telling him the house has to be fumigated and we have to move out for a week and we can only afford one of us to stay in a hotel, so I'll stay with friends.

My nose has grown significantly larger.
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