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Glad you made out and back again in one piece.

I managed to make it out bot today and yesterday.
Though yesterday I only went to Kirkie Fire station as I was working. After I headed up the Crow road only to find my right indicator was dangling about. So i didn't stop and headed home via Kilsyth. Stopped at kilsyth and detached indicator ( I wasn't too sure how at Lennoxtown) Had 3 guys stop and ask if I was alright and did I need help. Took a few piccies of bike and headed home.

Today I decided to take the Honda to hospital and then do some city work on the way back - don't ask streets I don't know them. Got home and jumped on the SV and bombed it up to Stirling and back via DEnny as roadworks were horrendous. So small runs but I got out which was more than Garry did
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