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Default Re: Sunday crazy sunday

Originally Posted by stuartyboy
Sunday Crazy Sunday.
Well how uncanny!! I was listening to that very bloody song in the car going stir crazy coz I wasn't on my bike. I was taking the folks (who are over on holiday from oz) up to loch Tay today. Saw a bike just like mine but didn't recognise the leathers and helmet (too quick to tell!!) didn't think it was you at the time.. but maybe it was???! Whoever it was they were heading south as I was heading north toward Aberfeldy quite a way past Crieff at about 13:00 ish. Such a nice SV by the way!!!! Not biased or anythin! Saw sooo many bikes out today and yesterday.. with the weather being so perfect and all.. it was like a form of torture being stuck in the car!!!!
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