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Default The "How do I find the bloomin campsite" thread

We're going to make up some signs that will lead you off the A303 to the campsite. However this might also prove a useful visual guide to lead you in.

If you are coming from the Exeter area or you have come off the M5 at Taunton and are travelling Northbound on the A303...

This is the last big roundabout before the exit off the A303 that you want to take, its the Cartgate roundabout and the picnic area here is where the actual rideout will start on Saturday morning.

So go straight across this roundabout continuing on the A303

Carry on for a couple of miles until you see this exit

Take the Exit, just take a bit of care on the slip road off the A303 as it tightens on you.

This will take you down to a roundabout

Follow the signs for Yeovil A37, its the 2nd exit, This is where you end up if you come down the A303 from Bristol / London*

Follow the straight for a couple of miles

Watch for tractors Also sometimes the police sit on this road as its popular in the local area for speeding on.

This then brings you into the Village of Chilthorn Domer

Smile for the camera and the pub is just off the left of this picture, literally opposite the Yellowish Clio in the picture below

If you are coming from Bristol down the A37 or from the M3 Southbound down the A303, then you'll want to

Follow the signs for Yeovil ( A37 )

Look for the blue sign showing the Illchester Local services

Careful as the sign on the Junction you want, is getting overgrown with bushes

This is the junction remember follow signs for Yeovil ( A37 )

Take the sliproad off the A303, be careful this tightens up on you as well...

This brings you out at the point above that I've marked with a *
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