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Default Re: Minitwin Racing in Germany

Hi Rich

I hope i see you this year on the Racetrack. Oschersleben is not so far away from Herford

I hope i can help you with my answers:

1. You pay the 20 € for the 2011 C-Licence only one time!
2. No problem. I think most of the people speak english
3. We have the same regulations like the UK minitwin racers. there are only some little difference:
1.) Only 74 hp at the crank
2.) Only 98db
3.) You must use a db eater or the stock exhaust
4.) No Slicks! Only Profiltyres like the Pirelli Supercorsa

That´s all.
We have some Racers near you. Two live in Paderborn and i live in Osnabrück. So help is near

Cheers Chris
Gruß Chris
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