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Default Re: Smile of the day - What is yours?

Originally Posted by chris8886 View Post
including the ar5eholes on their phones, as I had yet another on my commute home from work (through north London (just one of the minimum 5 per journey, to work or home)). even tapping on her window and informing her of her wrong ways, just gives me the finger and tells me to mind my own business

i'm sorry, just realised this is supposed to be the smile thread!
One day doing that is going to get your face punched in. People don't like being told they are doing wrong especially if you're not an officer of the law.

Mine today is being the other 50% of Gorillaz. Jamie Hewlett the artist at a book signing. I took him home made lemon cupcakes, and he took my email as he'd like to see the media centre at Lord's.

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