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Default Re: Smile of the day - What is yours?

Originally Posted by Littlepeahead View Post
Hands free, completely legal! As is tuning the radio, arguing with your partner and looking over you shoulder shouting at the kids.

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The human brain cannot deal with attention required for any phone call while controlling a vehicle, hands free or otherwise, it is different to listening to radio (as proven in countless trials where people were asked to do different things, including hands free while on simulators, after any kind of phone call they were unable to name 90% of hazards that had flashed on the simulator screen, which is hugely scary).

People who use hands free will justify it as legal, but that does not mean it is right (especially a 30 minute call initiated by the driver - how cynical). Hopefully soon the law will be changed and devices fitted to vehicles to only allow 999 calls while vehicle is moving - hands free addicts (how many of the calls are actually necessary) will justify till they are blue in the face, but research proves otherwise. They reckon phones in cars cause more deaths than drunk drivers.
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