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Default Re: Who are you, who who....

Just looked back at this...

Originally Posted by Bluethunder View Post
Dan that top left pick is awesome made me laugh! Though I can see how some might feel
Glad I could help, I like to think people are looking at them at work and trying to explain to there colleagues what the hell is going on.

Originally Posted by mrs24_7 View Post
I just threw up in my mouth a little!!!!

That's not nice.

Originally Posted by Lucas View Post
my eyes hurts...
More will hurt soon...

Originally Posted by alpinestarhero View Post
grinch = gorgeous
See that's the correct response, but I need it from the ladies. Though all is appreciated.

Originally Posted by Bear View Post
HE"S MINE! Get your own you slags!
Yep, and nothing happened you big tease.

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
Thanks Grinch, for the reminder, about my annual eyeball bleaching.
Glad to help...
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