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Default Re: A PM ride...with a difference

Oh heck! I'd sort of confirmed it for the 23rd but would love for you to make it Mike, seems an age since we've seen you...SO will put a closing date on this poll, SUNDAY 26TH AUGUST folks. If you're thinking of trying to make this and you haven't voted when you can yet then gerron wi it!

Once date is confirmed by poll then we will be making arrangements with pubs and such, sorting out food and routes. Route is nearly sorted I think, we're a bit busy with life atm so sorry it's not more readily available but we're getting there. Good things take time haha.

Really hoping this is going to turn out well, it would just be lovely to see some of the PM again, been so long since we did owt together and this is going to be a guaranteed laugh. ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE!!!!

I forgot to mention, if anyone would like to come but thinks its a bit out of their way then you're more than welcome to crash at ours. Depending on finances and weather, a bit of evening grub and banter after the ride is also on the cards
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